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Anders Gustavsson
I think your video courses are the best and you explain everthing in a way that is easy to understand. So thank you very much again
Your course is probably the cleanest, logical approach to learning RUBY (Or any language) I’ve seen. You’ve got me up-to speed in record time. Brilliant and thank you.
Violet Remba
Loved this course. Highly recommend it. Many thanks.
Monet Harkin
Great examples great pace and just about the time I say to myself I wish he'd explain that element a bit more... he does.
Danielle Stirling
I found this course to be very clear, and informative. It's a perfect starting point for Ruby and I feel that in just a few hours I've learned a great deal about the fundamentals of the language.
Shilay Adeoso
This guy is a brilliant teacher. Explanations are so clear and concise, he also supports whatever he does with examples. Lastly, the flow from one concept to another is very good. He carries his students along. Thank you once again!
Megan Bohl
I learned a lot from this course! Highly recommended
Steven David Brown
The first 'introductory' course in programming I have found that is truly 'introductory'. John Elder is careful to explain each step and each new concept without blinding the student with jargon. It offers a solid start to an accessible programming language.
Neil Allen
Really great course and I am actually understanding Ruby. Wahoo
Jason Ricker
Great course, learned a lot very helpful instructor replies very quickly!
Mark K.
Amazing, as a beginner I find these lessons easy and interesting, learning bit by bit Ruby programming while greatly appreciating instructor John Elders teaching style. Simply GREAT.
Kristopher Karpowitz
I enjoyed the content and the instruction was really straight forward. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in rails...
Dominic Davies
The instructor is fun and is easy to understand.
Kris Peshev
I like! The lecturer knows the material and teaches it fascinatingly.
Stephen MacDonald
Finally a course i can follow along with, understand and apply what i am being taught - great work!
Jeannette D
I enjoyed learning Ruby Programming from this course. It was very easy to follow. Thank you!
Travis C
Thank you for the follow-up, and the entire course. It was well worth my time 🙂
Bonim lsaker
Superb and effective teaching method!
Simon Campbell
Super easy to follow, great course!
Chris Mower
This course addressed the very basics in a simple way that was easy to understand and remember. I'm excited to continue learning Ruby.
Jamie Martin
Great explanations and a good starting base to understanding the basics of ruby. A+
Best course I have ever bought...the teacher has to be one of the best at explaining and breaking down complexity into simple steps.
Sandy Hogan
Loved your course #RoR for #webdevelopment - was my first #Rails app I ever built...now I'm hooked!!
Jorge Avila
Clear, aware of the most common needs, straight to the point and truly useful...
Dyego Turl
This course was pretty amazing, John is a very attentive guy and doesn't​ let us without replies. Always trying to make us think how to fix the problem on our own and at the same time give us all his support. It was really cool! I do recommend this course.
Songtham Tung
Excellent course!
Charles Loureiro de Deus
Great teaching ... Level of detail that enable any beginner to understand the power of frameworks
Haley Love
I feel smarter.
Very inspiring introduction to rails.
Sandra Hogan
I have had so much fun working on this app! Thanks for putting up with all my questions 🙂
Soon Kheng Chan
A very informative and insightful course led by a very passionate instructor. Thank you, Mr. Elder for this wonderful learning experience.
It was a really great course. For a total beginner who was nervous about getting into coding this was the ticket. So enjoyed the course. John is an excellent instructor.
Juan Munoz Pabey
I have taken other courses and I did not understand many things that now I see very clear. Tremendous !!! Very good work.
William Vangossum
This is a great course for web developers who have little or no experience with Ruby... If you're interested in the field I really recommend considering buying this course.
Jeffrey Blechman
This course is awesome!
Ameth Morrison
Excellent information. The further you go things start to get more complex but fun.
Deana Louise Lawrence
Amazing course, easy to follow and instructor is pleasant to listen to!!! Have recommended this course to many people!
This a very good course. It provides a very good overview and understanding of ruby on rails development, especially for beginners. John also responds to your questions and gives support promptly.
David Goodman
Fantastic Introductory Course! John moves at a great pace; not too fast, but also not so slow you want to gauge your eyes out. I was able to get through this course quickly and move forward with my Rails education.
I am so impressed with how informative the video is. For someone like me who has no background of programming at all, and be able to finish the course, anyone can do it! John also is very swift on replying, assisting and supporting me along the way. Thank you!!!
Paul Beresford
This course is awesome, my first time learning ruby...
Geoffroy Givry
Absolutely fantastic course! John is such a fantastic teacher, he is relaxed and goes straight to the point. He covers complex subjects with ease and you understand all what he is saying! If you want to demystify RoR, this course is for you! I can't wait to get more courses from John!
Matthias Kuhs
A good overview of Rails with a great result at the end...
Brad X.
This was a great course John.
Gene Ryan Briones
If you've been anxious about learning Ruby on Rails because of its steep learning curve, or you've been overwhelmed by the advice of Rubyists to learn Ruby first, then John will show you that RoR isn't too hard. This course will teach you how to fly.
Neji Hyuga
This was an Amazing course! I must admit that I was pretty hooked going through this one. This course is definitely worth the money and commitment you put into it. I thoroughly enjoyed my finished product.
Edward Quick
Excellent course! The course really opened my eyes to the power of Ruby on Rails and was very interesting to see it used with AWS and Heroku.
Ron Benporat
...was able to complete the course over the weekend. It was great! Thank you for putting this together. Hope to see a more in the near future!
Tony Hannagan
I'm really enjoying your class and I've learned a lot. Thank you.
Navneet Prakash
This has been a really great course to take learning by building an actual app from scratch and finally hosting it online. Look forward to your future rails courses John
Jack Williams
Thanks for putting up this (Ruby on Rails) course, helped me out to no end!
Daniel Santos
I really enjoyed working through this (Ruby on Rails) course!
Benoit Taconet
I am building “Pinterested” following your book I bought on amazon. Your book is really great and everything went well so far. thanks very much, the videos are also very cool to learn and understand Ruby on Rails.
Barb Kirby
Hi John, Have gone through your Thin Affiliate Site course twice which is absolutely great. I have learnt so much and have now setup my first site. Many thanks. Kind regards
Jennifer K. Falk
This is BY FAR the simplest, most understandable way to learn Ruby on Rails that I've experienced...Thank you thank you thank you...
Thanks for this tutorial it was awesome! Probably one of the best tutorials I've seen. John explains everything really well. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get started with Ruby on Rails.
Reynor Buenaflor
I love this course! 🙂 Thank you so much for the help. (Thin Affiliate Niche Websites With PHP)
Nestor Padilla
That (Ruby on Rails course) was great!! You'll learn about all the things necessary to build websites.
Alper S.
I just wanted to say, thank you for your RoR videos. I am 50 percent done and everything is so clear and well explained...One of the best Ruby on Rails videos for beginners. Thanks again.
Steve Sharp Jr
John Elder does a great job with this intro course... If you're interested or want to see what Ruby is capable of, this is a fantastic intro.
Nicolas Bryce
It's fun learning ruby...your class is awesome! And easy to understand...lots of respect to you!! I definitely felt this class was easy to understand, Easy to follow along and showed me how to build my website with Ruby on Rails as a beginner...
Richard Chang
Hi John, thanks for the product. I haven’t finished all the videos yet. But learned quite a lot.
Stephen Shamakian
Hi love your course it is helping me alot i am only 15 and i have a web site out there and it is doing fairly well thanks alot!!!!!!
Matt Burkett
I really liked your course, especially the tutorial you made at the end where you showed how to create links with keywords in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Thanks Amigo
Theo Ainsley
I just read your PHP Programming for Internet Marketers book today. It was great. I wish I had it when I started learning PHP
Victoria Mielke
You did a good job on Ruby on Rails fundamentals. I did like the class and finished it over the weekend.
Alper P.
Awesome! One of the best Ruby on Rails videos for beginners.