Thin Affiliate Niche Websites With PHP

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I once owned a network of over 4,000 thin content affiliate niche websites. They made me a ton of money until Google decided they were spam and de-indexed every single one of them!

I had to go back to the drawing board and re-imagine my entire strategy for building thin niche websites. What I discovered may surprise you…

What Are Thin Affiliate Niche Websites?

They’re websites that don’t have much content, but DO have a lot of either affiliate product listings or adsense ads. The idea is to auto-generate as many pages as possible to grab long tail keyword traffic from Google. That makes them easy and quick to build.

Of course, these sites need to be themed around specific niches, like baby strollers or power drills, or whatever niche you think can make some money.

Why Do They Get De-Indexed So Easily?

Two Reasons…

  • Google hates spammy affiliate websites
  • Gurus sell templates that everyone starts using, making them real easy for Google to identify and de-index nearly instantly.

Fortunately, I’ve developed a way around both of those problems, and I’ll teach you how to do it today in this hands on, “look over my shoulder” video course.

You won’t just learn about my techniques, you’ll actually WATCH me build a website from start to finish. Specifically, it’s a Baby Stroller Thin Niche Website and you can check it out right now at

So, How Do I Get Around Those Two Problems I Mentioned Above?


  • By building websites that aren’t spammy but ARE useful to site visitors (and LOOK GOOD too!)
  • By NOT using wordpress templates AT ALL! I’ll show you how to create sites using good old HTML and CSS by picking from thousands of free HTML templates (don’t worry, I’ll show you where to find the free templates and show you how to edit and upload them; you don’t need to learn HTML to do this!)

After this course, you’ll be able to crank out profitable, unique, thin affiliate niche websites with ease. In fact, you’ll be amazed how easy it is and how quickly Google indexed the thousands of auto-generated pages of these sites. (just a couple of days after building that example site, Google had indexed over 1,500 pages)

Introducing: Thin Affiliate Niche Website Domination

In this 20-video course, you’ll learn:

  • My Unique Thin Site Philosophy
  • How To Pick Domain Names and Set Up Webhosting
  • How To Set Up And Use FTP Software
  • How To Find and Use FREE HTML Templates
  • How To Modify HTML templates
  • How To Create INFINITE Webpages With Just ONE File – THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!
  • How To Create Autogenerated Content that Google Loves – HINT: It Comes From Them!
  • How To Add A Simple Search Function To Your Sites That AutoGenerates Results
  • How To Theme Your Thin Site In Minutes
  • How To Research Your Niche In Minutes
  • How To Add Professional Looking Resource Centers To Your Sites
  • How To Build a “Brands” WebPage In Minutes
  • How To Autogenerate A Sitemap Page With Hundreds Of Links Instantly
  • How To Create a Simple Price Comparison Function To Your Site
  • What You Need To Know About “Contact, Privacy Policy, About Us” Pages, and the Homepage
  • How To Implement Third Party Affiliate Programs If You Want To
  • All The Template Files I use to build our example site that you can do whatever you want with
  • And More…

I don’t hold anything back in these videos. You get to see exactly what my strategy is, how I implement it, and how you can quickly and easily duplicate what I’ve done within your own niches. This course was originally taught at where it was the number one best-selling course, now we’ve got it right here!

Just $29