Intro To Flask Web Development – Resume Website


Course: 26 Videos
Length: 2.0 Hours
Price: $49

In this course we’ll build a cool resume website with Flask and Python that will be live and online for everyone to see!

It may seem like a simple website, but we’ll be using an HTML template to build it very quickly. Once you understand how to use HTML templates with Flask, you can literally build any type of website you want, quickly and easily!

You don’t need to know Python, Flask, or HTML to take this course, but if you already know any of those things, it’ll be easier for you to follow along.

After we build the website, I’ll show you how to set up Version control with Git, then we’ll push our code to Github for safe keeping before pushing it to Heroku for Free Web hosting.

Python is easily the most popular programming language out there, and Flask is one of the most popular Web Development Frameworks for Python. Learning it has never been easier!

There are several web frameworks for Python out there, but Flask is a lightweight and simple framework that’s surprisingly easy to use. Learning it is a snap with this course! Once you learn to build basic websites with Flask and Python, the sky’s the limit!


Just $49



Course Content…

Module 1 Intro To Flask Web Development - Resume Website
Unit 1 Introduction | Video 1
Unit 2 Install Python | Video 2
Unit 3 Install Sublime Text Editor And Git Bash Terminal | Video 3
Unit 4 Set Up A Virtual Environment | Video 4
Unit 5 Install Flask | Video 5
Unit 6 Build Our First Webpage | Video 6
Unit 7 Render Templates | Video 7
Unit 8 Understanding Jinja | Video 8
Unit 9 Logic | Video 9
Unit 10 For Loops | Video 10
Unit 11 About Page | Video 11
Unit 12 Links | Video 12
Unit 13 Extends Base | Video 13
Unit 14 Download The HTML Template | Video 14
Unit 15 Install Template Files | Video 15
Unit 16 Set The Static File Locations | Video 16
Unit 17 Font Awesome Icons | Video 17
Unit 18 Customize The Webpage | Video 18
Unit 19 Version Control With Git | Video 19
Unit 20 | Video 20
Unit 21 Remove Virtual Directory | Video 21
Unit 22 Introduction To Heroku For Web Hosting | Video 22
Unit 23 Heroku Toolbelt | Video 23
Unit 24 Tweak Flask App For Heroku | Video 24
Unit 25 Push Website To Heroku | Video 25
Unit 26 Custom Domain Name | Video 26


Just $49