Build A Resume Website With HTML And CSS


Course: 23 Videos
Length: 1.5 Hours
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In this course we’ll build two resume websites. The first one we’ll build using HTML and the Bootstrap CSS Framework. The second one we’ll build using a free HTML template that we’ll download from the Internet.

We’ll start the course out by learning the basics of HTML. You’ll learn about basic HTML structure, and then some common HTML tags. We won’t dive too deep into HTML because we’ll be using frameworks and templates throughout the course. You’ll learn just enough HTML to be dangerous!

After that we’ll learn all about the popular Bootstrap CSS Framework.

Armed with this knowledge, we’ll create our first Resume Website (a website where you can post your Resume).

Next we’ll learn how to find and use paid and free HTML templates. We’ll download a free one and install it into our development environment. Then we’ll tweak it to add our own information, text, and images.

Finally I’ll show you how to push all your code up to a professional webhost (one that doesn’t cost any money!) and get a custom domain name set up.

This is a fun course aimed at the absolute beginner who doesn’t know much or any HTML or CSS, and would like to create cool websites without much work.

I’ll see you inside!

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Course Content…

Module 1 Build a Resume Website With HTML
Unit 1 Introduction | Video 1
Unit 2 C9 Development Environment Intro | Video 2
Unit 3 C9 Walkthru | Video 3
Unit 4 HTML Page Structure | Video 4
Unit 5 H1 Tags | Video 5
Unit 6 Common HTML Tags | Video 6
Unit 7 Images and Links | Video 7
Unit 8 Intro To Bootstrap | Video 8
Unit 9 Installing Bootstrap | Video 9
Unit 10 Creating a Navbar | Video 10
Unit 11 Panels | Video 11
Unit 12 Panel Content Part 1 | Video 12
Unit 13 Panel Content Part 2 | Video 13
Unit 14 Panel Content Part 3 | Video 14
Unit 15 Finding Paid HTML Templates | Video 15
Unit 16 Finding Free HTML Templates | Video 16
Unit 17 Installing The Free HTML Template | Video 17
Unit 18 Tweaking the Template Part 1 | Video 18
Unit 19 Tweaking the Template Part 2 | Video 19
Unit 20 Version Control With Git | Video 20
Unit 21 Introduction to Heroku | Video 21
Unit 22 Pushing Code To Heroku and Renaming an App | Video 22
Unit 23 Using a Custom Domain Name With Heroku | Video 23


Just $49