How To Install Ruby On Rails on Windows


Course: 20 Videos
Length: 1.5 Hours
Price: $49

Have you ever tried to install Ruby on Rails on a Windows computer? Tough, isn’t it!!

Most Ruby on Rails courses assume you already have Rails installed. Chances are, that’s not the case! And Rails is one of the harder web frameworks to install; it’s easy to get messed up!

In this course I’ll walk you through it step by step.

We’ll install all the software you need such as Node.js, Git, Git Bash, and the Heroku Toolbelt.

I’ll also show you how to set up version control, and how to push your version control up to Github.

Finally, I’ll walk you through deploying your app on Heroku, a professional web hosting service (we’ll use the free version).

If you’ve ever tried to install Rails and failed, this is the course for you!

See you on the inside!

-John Elder


Just $49



Course Content…

Module 1 How To Install Ruby On Rails on Windows
Unit 1 Introduction | Video 1
Unit 2 Installing Node | Video 2
Unit 3 Git Bash Terminal | Video 3
Unit 4 Creating an SSH Key | Video 4
Unit 5 Download Ruby on Rails | Video 5
Unit 6 Create A Rails Project | Video 6
Unit 7 Set Up Git | Video 7
Unit 8 Github | Video 8
Unit 9 Heroku Toolbelt | Video 9
Unit 10 Create Your First Webpage | Video 10
Unit 11 Root Route | Video 11
Unit 12 Install Bootstrap CSS Framework | Video 12
Unit 13 Bootstrap Jumbotron | Video 13
Unit 14 Bootstrap Navbar | Video 14
Unit 15 Create a Second Webpage | Video 15
Unit 16 Use Ruby Links | Video 16
Unit 17 Intro To Heroku Web Hosting | Video 17
Unit 18 Tweaking the Gemfile for Heroku | Video 18
Unit 19 Pushing Code To Heroku | Video 19
Unit 20 Using A Custom Domain with Heroku | Video 20


Just $49