Python and Excel Programming With OpenPyXL


Course: 22 Videos
Length: 1.5 Hours
Price: $49

In this course you’ll learn how to use the OpenPyXL Library for Python to connect your Python programs to Excel and vice versa.

Using OpenPyXL, you can use Python to do all sorts of cool things in Excel; from creating spreadsheets from your code, to updating existing spreadsheets. You’ll be able to load data from a spreadsheet into your python program and do anything you want with it, and then save it back to the spreadsheet. 

We’ll learn how to style spreadsheets using Python, and also how to make basic charts and graphs in a spreadsheet using Python.

You’ll learn…

– Install Python

– Install Sublime Text and Git Bash Terminal

– Set up a Virtual Environment

– Install OpenPyXL

– Create a First Python Program

– Load an Excel Spreadsheet Workbook into a Python Program

– Grab a Spreadsheet Cell Programatically

– Grab whole Columns and Rows from a Spreadsheet with Python

– Change the Data in your Spreadsheet using Python

– Save Changed Spreadsheets from your Python Program

– How to Loop Though A Spreadsheet programatically with Python

– Learn How To Create an Excel Spreadsheet from scratch with Python

– Use Excel Formulas in your Python Code

– Change The Font color, size, boldness, italics and more With Python

– Add Borders to Cells in your Spreadsheet with Python

– Create Pie Charts With Python

– Create Bar Charts With Python

– Create Line Charts With Python

– and More!

At the end of this course you’ll be able to use Python to do all sorts of fun things with Spreadsheets, all from your python programs!

See you inside!

– John Elder

See you inside!

-John Elder


Just $49



Course Content…

Module 1 Python and Excel Programming With OpenPyXL
Unit 1 Introduction | Video 1
Unit 2 Install Python | Video 2
Unit 3 Install Sublime Text and Git Bash | Video 3
Unit 4 Create a Virtual Environment | Video 4
Unit 5 Install OpenPyXL | Video 5
Unit 6 Create First Python Program | Video 6
Unit 7 Grab A Cell From A Spreadsheet | Video 7
Unit 8 Grab a Column Or Row From A Spreadsheet | Video 8
Unit 9 Grab Ranges of Cells | Video 9
Unit 10 Iterate Thru Rows of a Spreadsheet | Video 10
Unit 11 Iterate Thru Columns of a Spreadsheet | Video 11
Unit 12 Change Cells and Save Spreadsheet | Video 12
Unit 13 Add Cells To A Spreadsheet (Second Method) | Video 13
Unit 14 Loop Thru a Spreadsheet and Add Names | Video 14
Unit 15 Create A Spreadsheet Workbook | Video 15
Unit 16 Add Data To New Spreadsheet Workbook | Video 16
Unit 17 Use Excel Formulas With Python | Video 17
Unit 18 Change Cell Font, Size, Color, Boldness, Italics | Video 18
Unit 19 Add Borders To Cells in a Spreadsheet | Video 19
Unit 20 Create a Pie Chart In A Spreadsheet With Python | Video 20
Unit 21 Create a Bar Chart In A Spreadsheet With Python | Video 21
Unit 22 Create a Line Chart In A Spreadsheet With Python | Video 22


Just $49