PHP Programming For Everyone


Course: 25 Videos
Length: 2 Hours
Price: $49

The PHP Programming Language is one of the most POPULAR Web Development Programming Languages for a reason. In this course I’ll show you why!

Built For The Absolute Beginner

You don’t need any prior knowledge of coding or web development to take this course. We’ll download all the tools you’ll need for free, and I’ll walk you through setting them up.  Then we’ll dive right in and start learning the PHP language.

You’ll Be Amazed How Quickly You Can Pick Up PHP!

We’ll start out with basic programming concepts, things like:

– PHP Syntax

– Variables

– Data Types

– Math Operators

– Assignment Operators

– Comparison Operators

– Increment/Decrement Operators

Then we’ll ease into more Intermediate topics, things like:

– If Else Statements

– While Loops

– For Loops

– ForEach Loops

– Indexed Arrays

– Associative Arrays

– Looping Through Arrays

– We’ll Build A Quick FizzBuzz App

– Functions

After that we’ll learn about basic web development concepts, things like:

– Including PHP On a Web Page

– Adding Things To A Web Page Using Require_Once

– Understanding Web Forms

– Processing Form Data With PHP

– Form Security

– Building a Bootstrap Navbar With PHP

– And More!


Why take a course with 37 hours of lectures?  In just 2 hours you can learn the basics all the way through Intermediate PHP. Technically Functions are considered an advanced topic, so we even touch on some advanced stuff in this course (but just a little bit).

This is the course for you if you’re interested in becoming a web developer and maybe don’t know where to start. It’s also great if you’re already a front end developer, but want to add some serious skills to your tool belt.  Since PHP powers WordPress, this course is also great if you’d like to really customize your WordPress sites (we don’t discuss wordpress in this course, but if you understand PHP, you can understand what’s going on behind the scenes in WordPress just by diving into the code and checking it out on your own).


I have over 32 courses on Udemy with overwhelmingly high reviews and over 42,000 students with over 100,000 enrollments (that means on average most of my students sign up for more than one of my courses), but if you aren’t satisfied for any reason at all, we offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose!

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Just $49



Course Content…

Module 1 PHP Programming For Everyone
Unit 1 Introduction | Video 1
Unit 2 Install the WAMP Development Environment | Video 2
Unit 3 Start The WAMP Server | Video 3
Unit 4 Write a Hello World Program | Video 4
Unit 5 Variables | Video 5
Unit 6 Data Types | Video 6
Unit 7 Math Operators | Video 7
Unit 8 Assignment Operators | Video 8
Unit 9 Comparison Operators | Video 9
Unit 10 Increment and Decrement Operators | Video 10
Unit 11 If Else Statements | Video 11
Unit 12 While Loops | Video 12
Unit 13 For Loops | Video 13
Unit 14 Indexed Arrays | Video 14
Unit 15 Looping Through Arrays | Video 15
Unit 16 Associative Arrays | Video 16
Unit 17 Looping Through Associative Arrays | Video 17
Unit 18 Functions | Video 18
Unit 19 Build a FizzBuzz Program | Video 19
Unit 20 Include Functions | Video 20
Unit 21 Require_Once Functions | Video 21
Unit 22 Build a BootStrap Navbar | Video 22
Unit 23 HTML Forms | Video 23
Unit 24 Submit an HTML Form with PHP | Video 24
Unit 25 Processing Form Data | Video 25


Just $49