Ruby on Rails Stock Market App


Course: 44 Videos
Length: 3 and 1/2 Hours
Price: $29

Ruby on Rails can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be! In this course I’ll walk you through it step by step and you’ll be building your first web app in MINUTES. You’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is to create very professional looking websites, even if you have no programming or web design experience at all.

Watch over my shoulder as I build a cool Stock Market app step by step right in front of you. You’ll follow along and build your own copy. By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a solid understanding of Ruby on Rails and how to use it to build awesome web apps.

The course contains 42 videos – and is just over 3 hours long. Watch the videos at your own pace, and post questions along the way if you get stuck. You don’t need any special knowledge or software to take this course, though any experience with HTML or CSS is a plus. You don’t even need to know the Ruby programming language. I’ll walk you through EVERYTHING.

Ruby on Rails is a great web development tool and learning it has never been this easy.

What We’ll Build…

We’ll build a cool Stock Market app that let’s you look up stock quotes and financial information and save it to a database.

Users can create an account and sign up to your website, log in, add stocks, check stock prices and all kinds of other cool financial information.

We’ll style the website using the popular Bootstrap CSS framework (I’ll show you how to use it!)

Sign up today and I’ll see you on the inside!

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Course Content…

Module 1 Ruby On Rails Stock Market App
Unit 1 Introduction To C9 Development Environment | Video 1
Unit 2 C9 Cloud Development Environment Setup | Video 2
Unit 3 Ruby on Rails Directory Walkthru | Video 3
Unit 4 Version Control With Git | Video 4
Unit 5 Saving Our Code To | Video 5
Unit 6 Building a Webpage with the Rails Generator | Video 6
Unit 7 Building an About Webpage Manually | Video 7
Unit 8 Understanding Application.html.erb | Video 8
Unit 9 Creating Links with Embedded Ruby | Video 9
Unit 10 Using Partials | Video 10
Unit 11 Installing Bootstrap | Video 11
Unit 12 Creating a Navbar with Bootstrap | Video 12
Unit 13 Using Containers and Mobile First Design | Video 13
Unit 14 Installing The Stock Quote Gem | Video 14
Unit 15 Stock Quote Gem Walkthru | Video 15
Unit 16 Creating A Stock Quote Lookup Form | Video 16
Unit 17 Connecting Our Form To The Controller | Video 17
Unit 18 Stock Quote Error Handling | Video 18
Unit 19 Stock Data Return Formatting | Video 19
Unit 20 Installing the Devise Gem | Video 20
Unit 21 Setting Up Devise Flash Message Partials | Video 21
Unit 22 Devise Database Rake DB:Migrate | Video 22
Unit 23 Creating Devise Navbar Links | Video 23
Unit 24 Devise Menu Link Conditionals | Video 24
Unit 25 Styling Devise Views | Video 25
Unit 26 Creating a Stocks Scaffold | Video 26
Unit 27 Stocks Views | Video 27
Unit 28 Associating Stocks with Users | Video 28
Unit 29 Stock Links and C.R.U.D. | Video 29
Unit 30 Authenticating Stock Views | Video 30
Unit 31 More Stock View Authentication | Video 31
Unit 32 Final Stock User Association | Video 32
Unit 33 Lookup Stock Information | Video 33
Unit 34 Stock Lookup Error Handling | Video 34
Unit 35 Styling Our Stock Views | Video 35
Unit 36 Creating a Stocks Table | Video 36
Unit 37 Styling Our Show Page | Video 37
Unit 38 More Show Page Styling | Video 38
Unit 39 More Stock Index Page Stuff | Video 39
Unit 40 Introduction to Heroku Web Hosting | Video 40
Unit 41 Modifying Our Gemfile For The Postgres Database | Video 41
Unit 42 Pushing Our Code To Heroku | Video 42
Unit 43 Custom Domain Name With Heroku | Video 43
Unit 44 Course Conclusion | Video 44


Just $29